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Listen, Enjoy, Learn


Welcome to Our World of Short Non-Fiction Children’s Stories!

Dive into our collection of short non-fiction stories designed to spark curiosity and foster learning in young minds. Each story is introduced by a unique and engaging character who is passionate about their subject. Meet our delightful guides:

Financial Literacy: Penny the Penny

Join Penny the Penny as she takes you on a journey to understand money! Learn the basics of saving, spending, and smart financial habits through fun and interactive stories. Penny’s tales make financial literacy easy and enjoyable for kids.

Environment & Sustainability: Larry the Lizard

Explore the wonders of our planet with Larry the Lizard! Discover stories about protecting the environment, the importance of sustainability, and how small actions can make a big difference. Larry’s adventures inspire a love for nature and a desire to take care of our world.

History & Culture: Pearl the Pearl

Travel back in time with Pearl the Pearl! Dive into fascinating stories about different cultures, significant historical events, and the people who shaped our world. Pearl’s captivating stories bring history to life and celebrate cultural diversity.

Health & Nutrition: Bro Broccoli

Get healthy and strong with Bro Broccoli! Learn about the benefits of nutritious foods, the importance of staying active, and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Bro’s fun and informative stories make health and nutrition exciting and easy to understand.

Emotional Intelligence: Star the Star

Shine bright with Star the Star! Discover stories that teach about recognizing and managing emotions, building strong relationships, and developing empathy. Star’s heartfelt stories help kids grow emotionally intelligent and confident.

Each character’s stories are tailored to their interests, ensuring a fun and educational experience for every reader. Join Penny, Larry, Pearl, Bro, and Star on their adventures and start exploring new worlds today!