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We Convert Your Text into Audiobooks with AI Technology in Over 80 Languages

With Reedz it's easy to convert your text into audiobooks in over 80 languages. Leveraging AI, we provide quick, high-quality text to speech and translations at a lower cost.

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Why Reedz?

With Reedz, translating into a wide array of the world’s languages becomes effortless. Our high-quality audio and translation solutions seamlessly integrate with your current workflow, enhancing efficiency and saving both time and money. Simultaneously, they open up opportunities to break language barriers. Whether it’s translating text to speech or addressing any other translation needs, we are here to assist you today!

Listen to the timeless wisdom of Kipling’s poem  ‘If’—a poetic masterpiece that guides you through life’s challenges with courage, resilience, and integrity.

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Did you know that reaching a wider audience with your titles has never been easier? Thanks to new technologies and methods, discovering new audiences and markets is now achievable, with language no longer posing an obstacle.

Translating and using human readers in more languages can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Technology and methods allow us to streamline and find new ways for you to reach more people with your titles.

Want to turn your backlist into a goldmine? Did you know that the global market, with 150 million backlist titles, is estimated to be worth several hundred billion dollars per year?

Why not start with your backlist? 
If translation accounts for 80% of the effort, then that’s where our focus lies. We’re convinced this is crucial, effectively removing barriers. With translation accomplished, entering new markets with full-length audio titles becomes straightforward.

High quality

Our language experts review all Reedz translations so you can be sure you're always getting the highest quality.

Quick and easy

A translation job that used to take months can now be done in a few days. What is your target audience? Reach it with the help of Reedz.

Breaking down language barriers

Language should never be a barrier to contact. With over 80 different languages, our service can communicate with over 5 billion people.

Lets have a talk and unlock the potential of your ideas! Reach out and let us be innovative together.

Industry specific solutions

Are you currently working in a company or an organisation with multi language challenges and need to ensure that your recipients really understand your message?

Our AI translation and text-to-audio service disrupt traditional translation and audio production value chains. We provide high-quality translations and human-quality multilingual audio.

Progress begins with a simple conversation. Share your thoughts in a meeting with us, and let’s start the dialogue that fuels change and improvement

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Move forward with us to enhance your productivity using our solutions and methods.